52 Совета Reason/Record - неделя 41: мастеринг

Теги: , Июнь 2012

Мастеринг с обработкой среднего канала.

PLEASE NOTE: Record as a product is discontinued but all of it's features are included in Reason 6 and above. Anything showed using Record can be used in Reason 6 and above.

When it comes to mastering, one of the hottest things right now is a technique known as "mid-side processing."

As a basic description, mid-side processing uses phase cancellation tricks to isolate the mono information in a mix (bass, vocal, kick drum) from the stereo items (guitars, keys, effects).

and then lets you master them separately and recombine them for a very nice sounding master.

This week I brought in two special guests to help me design a mid-side mastering patch for you as well as to help describe the technical intricacies of how this is done.

Be sure to visit the links in this video, download the patches, and visit the websites I mention.

Big thanks to Kurt Kurasaki, Giles Reaves, and Southern.

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