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Теги: , 01 Ноября 2011

Remix "Say" and WIN!

Contest Through January 2012

The Unnofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW.com) and featured Reason artist Olivia Broadfield have just announced a new remix competition with over $1000 dollars in prizes!

Throughout the month of January you can create your own remix of her song “Say,” which is included as a demo song in Reason 6. Olivia and TUAW.com will be reviewing the songs as they’re submitted to SoundCloud and announcing a winner in February.

If you don't already own Reason 6, we at Propellerhead are helping out by providing fully functional trial licenses for Reason 6 that you can use throughout the competition. Read below for prize details and good luck!

Olivia Broadfield would be the first to admit that a common question when people see her name is "Who is she?" But she also realizes that their common follow up is "Why is she outselling everyone but Owl City on the iTunes chart?" Olivia is a self-producing artist who is more than just a gifted songwriter. She's has a gift for music publishing as well.

Where most bands finish their album, pile into a van, and start touring it around the country, Olivia takes to the modern online social networks to reach music supervisors and publishing companies. She has secured some of the most coveted film, tv, and commercial placements around, reaching audiences of millions with her music in the process. Most recently, Olivia was featured on Grey's Anatomy. It's a music placement which has made household names of artists like Imogen Heap.

We sat down with Olivia to hear about her early songwriting, what inspires her, and see how she's using Reason to create synth hooks from her vocals.

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